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With our manufacturing facilities and engineering division, we are able to locally produce PEB according to our customers requirements. We can work directly with your engineer or do the structural designs ourselves.

Building Types:


Fully  protect your inventory and business assets with steel warehouses. 

Metallo Prefab will build you a facility that can endure heavy duty use for years to come. Our engineers work with you to create a facility that accomodates all your needs now and long into the future. 

Manufacturing Facilities

Achieve a productive and efficient workplace facility at a lower cost. 

Tell us exactly what your vision is and let us do the rest. With Metallo Prefab, you enjoy savings over the cost of traditional wood and brick construction, while providing you with a fully productive and efficient workplace. 

Sporting Facilities

Satisfy your need to serve multiple sports in a single facility.

Serving the many sports facility needs in your school and community is easy with one call to Metallo Prefab. We have the experience you can trust to manufacture a sports facility that can easily transition between many different types of activities, including football, tennis, basketball and more.

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