With our manufacturing facilities and engineering division, we are able to locally produce PEB according to our customers requirements. We can work directly with your engineer or do the structural designs ourselves.

Our process:
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Located in Tabarre, the Metallo Prefab manufacturing facilities uses track plasma cutters and robotic welders to manufacture the buildings. The equipment is operated by AWS certified welders.

The buildings are designed by our engineers and shop plans as well as erection drawings can be provided.


Warehouses and Manufacturing facilities

​These are usually large structures with spans going up to 150ft. For these large structures, steel is the cheapest option, as well as the most flexible one. If you are looking for a building with no columns, at low cost, and that can be built quickly, Metallo Prefab's steel structures are your best alternative

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Schools and Community Centers

​If you are looking to build schools or community centers, Metallo Prefab's steel system offer the most advantages:

- Modular system that is easy to expand

- Longer life span than wooden buildings

- Pre-engineered and easy to assemble. This makes it ideal for far away places

- Ability to do multiple stories and reduce footprint


Custom parts

​Looking to add a mezzanine to your existing building? In need of a special beam for your steel project? Metallo Prefab's parts division can help you out.

We have experience in the remodeling of existing structures and have an engineering department to help you design and build the parts you need.

Building Types: